How Much Does It Cost To Frame A Basement?

If you are looking to frame your basement so that you can have a room with normal walls instead of concrete, then you may be wondering how much does it cost to frame a basement. It may not be as much as you think and it will add so much value to your home that you will definitely consider doing it. This should be an integral part of your overall planning and design.

Framing Basics

Before you get to the actual calculation for the average cost to frame a basement, you will need to first think about the basic construction model of a wall. A basic section of framing for a wall includes the following:

  • top plate (the 2X4 that runs horizontal across the top)
  • sole plate (the 2X4 running horizontally across the bottom)
  • studs (running vertically between the top plate and sole plate)

Assuming a wall is 8 feet in width and 8 feet in height, then a basic 8 foot by 8 foot section of wall will have the following number of 2X4′s:

  • 1-2 top plates ( 1 for non-load bearing walls) (2 top plates for load bearing walls)
  • 1 sole plate
  • 7 studs

This is a total of 9-10 2X4 studs for one basic 8ft by 8ft wall section.

Your studs will be attached vertically to your top plate and sole plate, which run horizontally. You will have a 16 inch measurement from one stud to the other stud, which is why there is a need for 7 studs in your wall section.

Estimate The Cost

The next thing you need to do is determine the measurement of your basement that you wish to wall off. Use the basic 8X8 construction figure that is described above. If your measurements are not in perfect 8 foot increments, still plan as if you have do have them. For example, if the length of a wall is 14 feet (1 section of 8 feet and 1 section of 6 feet), you will still need to purchase enough material as if you had to construct and 8 foot section as 2×4 studs come in increments of 8 feet.

When estimating the cost, use the following configuration. Let’s assume a national average cost of a building grade 2X4 to be around $2.25.

1 section of wall = 9-10 studs at a price of $2.25 which is about $20.25-$22.50 per section (excluding tax).

Overestimate the average to be about $22.50 per section and then multiply that by the number of sections you will need. You will also need to throw in an extra 2 studs to join the sections to each corner.

Using the above calculations and considering the extra studs needed to join each corner, the total estimated cost to frame a basement that is 16X16 square will be about $200.

You Can Do It!

If you’re thinking that’s not a bad price, remember this is just for framing the wall. Other things to consider include nails, any tool rental, drywall boards to cover the frame to make the walls and any materials need to tape, float and paint the drywall to make the finished product. Even then, this cost is minimal considering the extra value your home will have when there is an additional room in the house that you can use for anything. An ordinary basement used only as storage can be a complete waste of space, so consider turning that space into another usable room in the house by fitting with walls.

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